Custom Web Sites and Services

We offer complete custom web sites and services –  design and development, photography/videography, content management, SEO, social presence management, site and services management, ongoing support, and more.  Here’s info (below) about the possibilities with approximate prices.  Note that since your site is a custom site, your specific needs may vary from these examples and consequently pricing will vary.  Contact us to discuss your needs and to get a quote.

For the DIYer, we can set up the initial web site and help you learn to manage your own site and content without additional costs.


Web Site Services

Domain Registration:  The Domain is the text used in a browser to reach your site, like  Domains are registered for a minimum of one year and are typically charged a fee of $9.95-$11.95/yr or more, sometimes with discounts for multi-year registrations.  This fee is non-negotiable and is set by the domain registrars – we simply pay this for you when registering a domain and manage it yearly if you need us to do so.

DNS Services:  Domain Name Service (DNS) is used to translate your domain name into a unique numerical address.  It is assigned to a specific Internet server based on this address and the DNS entries are managed by a hosting service.  For my systems, this is part of my web hosting fee.

Web Hosting:  The hosting service is where your web site files and database exist and where your customers will visit to see your web site.  Hosting services vary based on the disk size of the site, processing power needed, how much bandwidth (transfer capability) is available and/or used over a given time period, and whether redundancy is needed.  These fees can vary greatly depending on the site and its content.  For example, a small 4-5 page business site with basic text and images would use less disk space and bandwidth than a site that houses videos in different formats, or a shopping cart with lots of inventory.  So, too, a redundant site service will cost more as it uses multiple servers to help insure your site is online 24/7/365.

Ongoing Support:  Web sites are like cars – they require ongoing support and maintenance.  Oh, sure, you can put up your site and then basically ignore it if you wish, but as bugs and vulnerabilities in the software are found, it’s best to have updates and patches applied regularly to avoid being hacked and losing your site.  My ongoing support services consist of several areas including periodic backups, updates/upgrades of site and plugin software, site up-time monitoring, content management, search engine optimization (SEO), various statistics gathering and logging, and more.  We also take over management of and/or update existing sites.


Other Areas of Concern

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  SEO is the art of coding your site and contents so that it appears as high as possible in the given search engine results for various search phrases.  While that’s a fairly simple explanation, actually getting your site closer to the top is quite difficult and requires attention to every detail.  We design all our sites with this in mind.

Statistical Info:  You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your site – how is it performing?  Are you attracting your target audience?  We register with statistical gateways to allow you to see who is visiting your site and a wealth of other info, so you can manage to your audience and your expectations.  All our sites are designed with this in mind.

Responsive or Mobile Access:  Sites these days are designed with three (or more) devices in mind: desktop, tablet, and mobile (or phone).  Each device has different capabilities, the most obvious being screen size.  We design sites that meet these demands.

Redundant or High-Availability Services:  If you run a large, popular shopping/e-commerce or streaming media site, you may be concerned about it being up and online at all times.  A single server with a single connection to the Internet may be an issue.  Or you may have a very popular site that has lots and lots of traffic.  For these scenarios, a group or cluster of servers known as redundant or highly-available systems with multiple connections to the Internet may be required.  We have solutions for such needs.


Initial Design/Development

For a small web presence web site consisting of 3-5 pages and a few small plugins for additional content/capabilities: ~$500.  this assumes you would be supplying your own content (text, images) in formats well-suited for your site.  All my sites are designed to scale for desktop, tablet, and mobile device screen sizes, where appropriate.

For a larger site (more pages/content) or one with additional complexity and plugins, prices range from $1000 and up.  For example, an e-commerce (shopping) site may run into the $3000-5000 range for a large item catalog with multiple options and payment gateways.

Additional services, such as professional graphic design, photography, videography, catalog generation (e-commerce/shopping site), large-scale data manipulation, and other significant work are at additional cost.


Ongoing Support

Web sites are like cars – they require ongoing maintenance, care, and support.  In addition to initial web site design and development, we offer several support packages for ongoing web site services.  Note that these will vary depending on your specific needs, but this should give you an idea of our pricing.

Example “Good” Support Package – $150/yr.

  • Simple site of 3-5 pages
  • Single domain registration
  • Hosting for one managed web site
  • Updates/upgrades to site and plugins as needed
  • Google Analytics registration

Example “Better” Support Package – $250/yr.

  • More pages than the “Good” package above
  • Up to 3 domains registered
  • Hosting for up to 3 managed web sites
  • Updates/upgrades as needed
  • Google Analytics management
  • Basic SEO
  • Off-site backups

“Best” Support Package – Contact us for a quote

The BEST package is one that is tailored to your exact needs!  Whether it’s management of your social presence, highly-effective keyword research and SEO, or some other custom service, contact us for a quote.