About Gordon Cunningham

About me:  Gordon has been fascinated with electricity and technology since he built a lamp out of Popsicle sticks as a child in the 60’s, which makes sense – he as born on Thomas Edison’s birthday!  He often obtained used parts from the local landfill to build his early electronic projects!  Always inquisitive, especially in science and technology, his talent blossomed into computers and media when he programmed his first chunk of code on an early personal computer in high school, and later overhauled and ran the college radio station while taking computer science courses and earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science.  He is also a musician, producer, and recording engineer, starting with grammar school symphonic violin and moving on to many other instruments as well as performing in several bands, singing and songwriting, theater arts, and recording over the years. Lately he has turned his attention to web site design and development.

Gordon grew up in his parents’ general store, learning how to run a business and how to treat customers well in a small-town, repeat-customer environment.  His parents also had apartments, and as the oldest child, Gordon often performed all functions of managing the buildings and tenants, including cleaning, collecting rent, and effecting repairs to the buildings as needed.  He held many other odd jobs throughout his teens and 20’s, and became a jack-of-all-trades and well-rounded individual as a result.  He earned a BA in Computer Science and started his Information Technology (IT) career as a scientific programmer on personnel training systems for military contracts.  He also ran his own personal computer (PC) consulting and support firm during the burgeoning PC boom in the 80’s and 90’s, offering networking, desktop publishing, hardware and software sales, training, repairs, and custom software development.  He has also worked as an electronic repair technician, and has carpentry, electrical, plumbing and other facilities maintenance skills.  He designed and coordinated construction of low voltage infrastructure, classroom, and a raised-floor climate-controlled data center for a large company headquarters/warehouse project in Miramar, FL.  Throughout his IT career, Gordon has steadily risen and expanded his skills, taking increased responsibility and larger projects.  Gordon practices ongoing self-education and researching, and is always eager to tackle a new project.  His experience makes him ideally suited to almost any IT endeavor, particularly Enterprise Architecture, which he enjoys immensely.

Today Gordon has over 40 years in IT and related disciplines, with all levels of experience and projects under his belt.  He also has been in music for over 40 years, plays several instruments while preferring primarily electric guitar, and has a professional recording studio in his home (http://www.hiddengemstudio.com).  Gordon runs an online radio station, Maine Musicians Radio, which plays an eclectic mix of independent tunes provided by Maine-related artists; listen at https://tunein.com/radio/Maine-Musicians-Radio-s187437/.  (Artists can submit songs at http://www.MaineMusicians.org).  He enjoys electronics, recording, making music, beekeeping, riding his motorcycle, woodworking, and nature – especially cool, crisp autumn days.