Flash is Dead, or At Least Dying

You may not have seen the news, but Adobe Flash is dead.  Or at least dying.  Major browser (Chrome, Firefox) have limited what Flash apps can do and major players like Youtube and Amazon are changing policies to usher Flash out of their platforms.  The issue is the support has waned and security is (and […]

Welcome Windows 10!

Welcome Windows 10!  With excitement and a little trepidation, I’ve installed the publically-available Windows 10 OS on a test machine.  The machine originally had a clean, current install of Windows 7 x64 w/SP1.  I downloaded the ISO (over 5.8GB for both the 32 & 64 bit versions) so I could use it again and again […]

News Readers

The biggest problem with small (mobile) screens that I run into daily are based on poor design and small, thin font sizes.  I own an Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S3, which I’m very happy with in most areas except one – news readers.  I have to qualify this opinion:  I am over 50 and I have […]

Thoughts About SEO and Site Design

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is fine as long as it stays in its place.  What I mean by that is: content and service are King and Queen.  Many SEO specialists believe that you must change your content, menus, site tags, and much, much more to adhere to SEO keywords, in order to get […]

Latest Project: LTSP

What is LTSP? LTSP stands for the Linux Terminal Server Project.  This is a selection of free, open-source software that runs on the free Linux operating system.  LTSP runs on a central server and allows the use of inexpensive, and often older PCs, to be used as workstations.  The workstations boot from and run software […]

Windows XP End-of-Life

You may or may not know that Microsoft has ended support for the Windows XP operating system as of April 8, 2014.  This means Microsoft will no longer support the OS with updates or security patches, etc.  While this doesn’t mean you  have to stop using it, you should take some precautions as to HOW […]