Gold’s Gym 480 Treadmill Control Panel Reset

Remove the console panel from the treadmill by removing the 8 screws holding the panel to the plastic unit.

Remove and replace the ribbon cables that run from the keypads to the control board (they are flat plastic strips that push into the board), being careful to unlock the cable clamps before removing the cables.

Remove and replace all the connections on the console.

Reattach the console and calibrate by doing the following:

  1. With the key off press the speed + and stop buttons at the same time and hold
  2. Place the key on and release the buttons
  3. Press the stop key once
  4. Press the speed up till it reaches 85
  5. If your max speed is 10 mph then it should read about 9.8-10.2

If the keys will not work, then the console is bad and would need to be replaced.