BeekeepingI haven’t had bees for a couple years, but I intend to get back into beekeeping next spring, if at all possible.  I’m just a hobbyist beekeeper, and I had up to with 4 hives at any given time.  Starting a hive from scratch these days is in the $300-400 range, but it’s worth it if you enjoy keeping bees.  I wanted to post this page to have a place to put some links for beekeepers of all experience levels.

I’ve used these sites and find they have excellent info:

If you have or know of someone who has a honeybee problem, please do not kill the bees!  Visit THIS PAGE at the MSBA web site to report your swarm removal needs or call the state hotline at 207-619-4233 to get a beekeeper to help you remove and recover the bees.   Bees are a natural resource!